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July 11, 2024 at the Loews Coral Gables Hotel, Coral Gables, FL

Superstar Summit 2024

Get Uplifted. Get Inspired. Get Activated!

Superstar Summit


Join A Superstar Crew For A Day Of Inspiration, Transformation, And Celebration.

A Celebration of Inspiring Leaders & Their Ideas

Are you a contribution-oriented leader?

Do you love learning about new ideas, strategies, and paradigm shifts for growth?

Want to be surrounded by other creators, innovators, and change-makers?

Superstar Summit is where some of the coolest, smartest, and most conscious people you'll ever meet take the stage to share their
hard-won wisdom for a successful and fulfilling life.

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Got Inspiration?

So much energy and attention has been devoted to "contagiousness" the past few years. Today I invite you to explore a different kind of contagion: INSPIRATION.

Yes, Inspiration is contagious too!

Want to come down with a serious case of Inspiration?

Join me and a Superstar Crew for Superstar Summit, designed to help you catch it – and figure out what to do with it.

What Is A "Superstar?"

Excerpt From "The Superstar Manifesto"

A "Superstar" is a leader who uses their unique GIFTS and MAGIC to uplift HUMANITY. They are open-hearted, purpose-driven VISIONARIES who cultivate INFLUENCE to make an IMPACT on the world.

A Superstar is a CREATIVE CATALYST for change, growth, and transformation. They "begin within," and are constantly learning, growing and evolving through a process of DEEP LISTENING and DISCOVERY.

A Superstar shines BRIGHT to LIGHT THE WAY for others. They ATTRACT attention rather than DEMAND it. They know not everyone is ready for their message and they COURAGEOUSLY offer it anyway.

Are you a Superstar? If you want more of this energy, this consciousness, and this way of being in your life...

Join Us At Superstar Summit!

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Quote Cirecle 2

"Even the smallest candle can be seen on the darkest night. Always let your light shine, you never know who may be in darkness."

— Michael P. Watson

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Special Summit Moments...

The Back Story

About Superstar Summit

How this event came to be... And how YOU came to be invited.

Every year since 2016, a group of 25+/- speakers, authors, and thought leaders has gathered at a private location for "Performance Academy," a 3-day intensive during which each participant plans, practices, and refines a short talk – like a "Ted Talk" only with a whole lot of heart and soul. On the third day the performers unveil their new pieces to each other.

Until recently, this was a private affair, only open to the performers themselves...

This summer, the curtains will part once again for a select group of invited guests to witness the magic of these performances for one special day – AKA: "Superstar Summit."

If you are reading this, it's because YOU are one of the fortunate few nominated by our organizer or performers to be in this exclusive, invitation-only audience.

Join us for this day of inspiration, transformation, and celebration as you witness stories and messages of challenge and triumph – and the wisdom that comes along with them.

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Meet The 2024 Presenters

Superstar Summit Founder & CEO Of Superstar Activator, Michelle Villalobos

Michelle's helps leaders, change-makers, and message-driven entrepreneurs undertake the "inner" work of personal growth and integrate it with the "outer" strategic work of scaling income and impact. She created Superstar Summit as a vehicle for her clients to develop and share their next-level mission and message with the world.

Mike Rayburn

Keynote Artist & Hall of Fame Speaker

Mike Rayburn is a Hall of Fame speaker, Carnegie Hall headliner, and two-time TEDx presenter. He and his wife, Kimberly Faith Rayburn, lead their signature event, The 'What If?' Creativity Experience, during which participants unlock the creative genius in their teams and unleash their teams as armies of innovators, radical problem solvers, and possibility thinkers who who find opportunities others miss.

LeeAnn Marie Webster

Speaker & Creator of Fancy Meeting Me Here

LeeAnn Marie Webster is an attorney-turned-keynote speaker, one-woman-show creator/writer/producer/star, Moth Story Slam winner, IronMan finisher, and recent summit-er of Mt. Kilimanjaro. When she's not doing all that, she's helping entrepreneurs live a more joyful life.

Cheryl Knowlton

CEO / Chief Energy Officer, Dynamite Productions

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your seats! This firecracker's contagious positivity and zest for life and learning will bring you face to face with your truest self and leave you ready to step onto your next big stage. Strap in for a hilarious, high-octane adventure as Cheryl guides you through the exhilarating world of identity discovery.

Marilyn Rousseau

Humanitarian & Founder, Fear To Faith Coaching

Marilyn Moise Rousseau is a Speaker, Coach, Trainer, and Information Technology Leader who empowers women to connect with their faith, discover their purpose and passion, and make aligned life choices. She is also a cancer survivor who speaks to women audiences about facing fear and choosing faith.

Dr. Cynthia Ganote

Inclusion & Belonging Expert

Dr. Cynthia Ganote works with individuals, teams, and organizations that want to advance a culture of inclusion, connection, and powerful communication. Cynthia believes that micro changes can have macro impact. As a sociologist, she’s studied it. As a professor, she’s taught it. And as a learning and development professional, she’s watched positive change ripple out in organizations of all types, sizes, and industries.

Karim Raymond

High Impact Personal Brand Strategist & Speaker

Karim inspires audiences in English and Spanish. With multiple awards and over 20 years of experience as a top athlete, Karim knows what it takes to succeed. She's passionate about training Hispanic leaders to make a positive impact on their communities and the world. Learn how to use your bragging rights and reach the next level of success in both personal and professional life

Sheri Fitts

Creator, Digital EQ™ and Sway Live

Sheri Fitts is a sought-after speaker, creator, and social media expert who for nearly three decades has been blazing a trail in the finserv/fintech industry with her proprietary DigitalEQ™ methodology. Sheri’s unique approach empowers clients to integrate digital strategies with emotional intelligence to enhance their brands, strengthen client relationships, and drive exponential growth in sales and revenue.

Dave Rosenberg

Speaker / Author of Locked On Leadership

Decorated combat veteran, Dave Rosenberg, flew the Navy’s first Operation Desert Shield mission —by accident. Now, as a speaker, author, and podcast host, he works with companies and organizations to "transform their team into a radically accountable force that acts as if lives depend on them — even if only livelihoods do.”

Rochelle Seltzer

Creative Core Coach & Speaker

Rochelle Seltzer is on a mission to unleash the untapped creative capacity inside accomplished women who are navigating a transition or figuring out "what's next?" She helps them clarify their vision and create a truly fulfilling life, which is what living BIG is all about!

Dr. Christina Guttuso

Gentle Journey

Dr. Christina Guttuso, DVM (aka: Dr. Christina), the visionary founder of Gentle Journey, is the ultimate Pet Advocate with the key to unlock what every pet parent needs to know. With her unparalleled expertise, she helps pet parents understand what their pet isn't saying and assists veterinarians in offering clear guidance to their clients, ensuring the pet’s wellbeing is prioritized using The Gentle Journey Method.

Scott Carley

The Change Energizer

Scott helps success-driven entrepreneurs raise the temperature to 212º and reignite their passion to achieve the success they're striving for. Gain greater self-awareness, overcome roadblocks, develop a clear plan of action and get your big, audacious project across the finish line!

Amy Lemire

AIM Training & Consulting, International

Amy Lemire inspires leaders and teams to sell with confidence and master the thought habits, mindsets, and skillsets that drive peak performance and results. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) through the National Speakers Association, which is the organization's highest earned designation, and is the author of the bestselling sales guide: From Zero to Sales Hero.

Katie Gutierrez

Biographical Interior Designer

Uplevel your space and ignite your life with trailblazing Biographical Interior Designer, Katie Gutierrez. With a passion for crafting luxurious custom spaces, Katie pioneered the revolutionary Biographical Design System– unleashing interiors  that transcend trends and empower self-expression. She's been awarded industry accolades, featured in top publications, and in 2023 earned the highly coveted title of "Kips Bay Interior Designer."


Kelli Folsom

Art Stars & Art Life School

Kelli Folsom, renowned professional artist and artrepreneur, has empowered thousands of women artists to hone their skills and develop confidence. As Founder of the Art Life School and Art Stars community, Kelli has dedicated her life to helping artists live their dreams and create a fulfilling life through art. Her teaching and mentoring has helped thousands of women artists to break through barriers and take their art to new heights.

Joy Zhao, MD, PhD, PCC

Executive Coach at Finding Joy Coaching

Joy has charted her own remarkable career journey from an immigrant to a 2X Fortune 100Tech executive, overcoming fear and doubt along the way. Not only has she developed hundreds of leaders and impacted thousands through her executive coaching, but she has also recently made a significant leap. Driven by a profound calling, she courageously left behind a high-profile and well-paid executive role to devote herself to empowering Asian women leaders. With her guidance, you'll learn how to show up with confidence and courage, fulfilling your life purposes with abundance and joy.

Tamara Chase

CEO, Chase Roofing & Construction Industry Speaker

Finding yourself as a driven woman in the chaos of a male-dominated business can be difficult. Join Tamara Chase, a successful roofing contractor and CEO of a 20-year-old company, as she discusses what is possible for women in construction and how the combination of supportive men and rockstar women will launch the industries next chapter.

Jim Comer

Your Life, Your Legacy Memoir Writing Expert

Jim Comer is a writer, communications coach, and speaker who has written for Fortune 500 CEOs and spoken on communication skills and caregiving in 26 states. His first book, How to Survive a Roommate, landed him on the Today Show with Jane Pauley, and his memoir, When Roles Reverse: A Guide to Parenting Your Parents, was nominated for Best Non-Fiction Book by the Writers League of Texas.

He edited his father’s best-seller, Combat Crew, about flying 25 missions over Germany in WWII. Jim specializes in helping people write their life stories and has co-written four memoirs, including one published by Texas A&M Press.

Kimberley Harris

Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker

Kimberley Harris is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur and disruptor extraordinaire who believes in the power of vulnerability, authenticity and personal vision. After selling a successful business and training simultaneously as an interior designer and certified coach, she began creating impactful coaching programs and multi-day empowerment retreats and workshops for CxOs and corporate teams.

She is passionate about her work with other entrepreneurs to help them rewire their mindset and create a sustainable vision for the future in order to maximize their success, both personally and professionally.
While on her own journey of personal discovery through past trauma, Kim found her soul purpose:
the impact of women and society have on men’s mental health and how we can influence positive change.
This is what she loves to talk about most.

Dr. Paul Jenkins

Positivity, Influence & Impact at Scale

As a coach, keynote speaker and trainer, author, and host of a popular podcast and YouTube channel, I empower individuals, families, and influencers to go far beyond traditional therapy or positive thinking programs to create and live the life they love through powerful positive psychology processes.

Sophia Asghar

True Light Leadership

Sophia helps high-achievers cultivate the energy and influence to show up as an inspiring and impactful leader of a sustainable high-performance team. With 20 years experience consulting and training in personal and workplace wellbeing, she guides high-achievers to increase their capacity, maintain balance, and develop a blueprint for optimizing energy to get the most out of work and life.

Greg Delson

Greg is a vocalist, songwriter, and educator.  He founded the LANDLIGHTS Center for Voice with a mission to change the culture around singing, and group singing in particular. Greg teaches that singing is a human capability for everyone, coining the phrase, “singing is not a talent, it’s a skill.”

Greg founded the LANDLIGHTS Community Choir, which is now L.A.’s largest open choir. This inclusive and diverse choir welcomes any adult to join, regardless of skill or experience. He travels around the country leading pop-up choir events, workshops, participatory musical experiences, and is a frequent speaker, musical facilitator, and guest lecturer at universities, summits, and conferences.

Greg believes that every voice is unique and important, and that life is better when we sing out; and even better when we do so in harmony.

Sandra Trujillo

Sandra Trujillo is a Psychospiritual embodiment and connection mentor. She created the Conscious Creator Experience, Conscious Creatrix Mastermind, Wild Woman Alchemy, and Tantric Theater.

Sandra’s work as a coach focuses on psychosynthesis, a system that combines psychology and spirituality to help people reach their full human potential and increase enthusiasm, life, vitality, and insight.

Sandra guides people toward their potential by helping them expand the possibility of will, awareness, and deep connection through the powerful and life-changing acts of self-study, experimental presence, and conscious expression.

Emilie Davis

Magic Mirror Marketing

Through engaging keynotes and interactive workshops, Emilie Davis stokes the fire of passionate entrepreneurs and gives them the formula they need to grow their business and take the next "right step" to catapult them to sensational success!

Ashley Taylor

Experience a revolution in personal growth with Ashley’s innovative mind-body approach to Trajectory Shifting conversations! Fuse your powerful mind-body connection with a structured conversation script to find freedom from guilt and control. Ashley, a dynamic speaker, trusted mentor, and RYT 200 yoga teacher, is dedicated to empowering your journey of transformation.

Lisa Kaplan & Mariah Ramblas

Cultivate Love and Joy

Lisa and Mariah are excited to bring their vibrant energy and dynamic life experience together to guide individuals and couples toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life. As a counselor, Lisa has helped hundreds of couples transition from conflict to connection through loving communication. In the process, she has discovered a passion for guiding women in identifying their own needs.
Mariah, with a diverse career across industries, understands the importance of passion in one’s life and is dedicated to helping others find a greater sense of fun and creativity. Join Lisa and Mariah on the journey to Cultivate Love and Joy, and feel your life’s garden bloom!

Jennifer Nardozzi

I am Jennifer Nardozzi but my clients and colleagues call me “Dr. Jen”.  Over the last two decades, I have dedicated my life to empowering young men and women to alter their relationships with food and their bodies.

I created the Food And Body (FAB) program to empower people to go deeper beneath the surface in order to understand what these food and body problems are really about, finding new ways of coping, eating, and living so people can live their joyful and fulfilling lives.

The topic that I will be speaking on is Eating Disorders and why education, awareness, and finding solutions should matter to all of us.

Susie Mardoh


Susie Mordoh has the extraordinary gift of seeing the lesson in everything and loves to speak about it!

Her multi-passionate approach to work and life reflects her positive energy and enthusiasm. When asked, she will tell you that her true superpower is creating moments for people to 'feel the love,' which is the driving force behind everything she does.

Whether she is coaching her clients, planning unforgettable events, or creating change by bringing beautiful products to market, Susie inspires people to grow and evolve into the best versions of themselves.

Her passion for helping others and her ability to create impactful, memorable experiences make her a sought-after speaker and a beloved mentor.

Program Timeline

Arrivals, Check-In & Seating

Please arrive early to grab a great seat and connect with the other curated guests.

Program Starts / Welcome & Opening Keynote

As success-driven overachievers, we generally clarify our goals, set desired outcomes, and then choose strategies to achieve them. But what if this approach actually limits our ability to create and express to our fullest potential? In this session, Michelle Villalobos helps you up-level your energetic foundation and harness more of your inner power– which leads to better outcomes in the end.

Led by Michelle Villalobos, founder of Superstar Summit & The Superstar Activator.

Performances – Group 1

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

10:00 AM to 10:45 AM

Performances – Group 2

10:45 AM to 11:00 AM

12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Closing Session

6:45 PM to 7:00 PM


11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Lunch Break

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Performances – Group 3


3:00 PM to 3:15 PM

Performances – Group 4

3:15 PM to 4:45 PM

Afternoon Snack Break

4:45 PM to 5:15 PM

5:15 PM to 6:45 PM

Performances – Group 5

7:00 PM

VIP Speaker Reception & Dinner

Get Ready, Superstar, It's Time To SHINE!!

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