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"Michelle stole the show. She’s engaging, funny, embraces a growth mindset and is brutally honest about her journey to success. She spoke to my head through my heart, which is a rare talent, and challenged my brain to figure out how to fall back in love with my work."

Nora Burns

Founder & Chief Instigator at HR-Undercover.com,
President, National Speakers Association (NSA) Colorado

About Michelle...

The "Superstar Activator"

  • Michelle is one of only about 200 women in the USA who have earned the coveted CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional) designation, which is rigorously vetted and conferred by the National Speakers Association.
  • She is also one of only a handful of women in the National Speakers Association "Million Dollar Speakers Group," which she chaired in 2022/2023.
  • Michelle holds an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth in Psychology Modified with Mathematics, and an MBA from The University Of Miami, where she graduated with a 4.0.  
  • She was born in Colombia to Cuban parents, raised in the USA and the Dominican Republic. She delivers programs in English and Spanish (and Spanglish, of which her mother does NOT approve).

From the big stage to the boardroom, Michelle's programs are high-value, energy-rich and FUN.

They are also strategically designed and structured to deliver massive value in a short amount of time – and not by overwhelming people with a firehose of information – "information is not transformation."

Michelle helps participants slice through years of entrenched mindset, maladaptive strategies and disempowering stories, and – often in an instant! – get to the clarity, strategy and inspiration that can transform their careers, businesses and lives. Audiences walk away feeling enlightened, transformed and excited… and often remember the takeaways for years to come.



Michelle integrates personal and professional strategies and skills to help leaders amplify their influence, income, and impact.

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Personal Empowerment

Bust through limiting beliefs and years of fear, regret, and self-doubt to access inner wisdom, activate intuition, and connect to the higher self.

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Superstar Branding

Superstar Branding is about strategically developing and deploying your mission and message to send out your signal—like a beacon—to attract your ideal clients.

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Sales As Service

"Sales As Service" is a conversational approach to leading the sales process and turning it into a service offering, such that your selling process actually becomes part of your value proposition.

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Client Feedback

"We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from Michelle's [Personal Branding] presentation, and already recommended her for more engagements. She's onto a winner here."

Lizzie Brown

American Express

"Michelle, thank you so much for being part of our 2016 [NAWBO Chicago] conference! The surveys show that you were clearly a HIT! I especially found your message about making time to play and take care of yourself so refreshing and encouraging. Thank you again for your spirit and your message, it was awesome!"–

Melissa M. Lagowski

Owner, Big Buzz Idea Group
Executive Director, NAWBO Chicago

Michelle finished presenting to our association literally five minutes ago, and the only way I can think to describe her is with a word I almost never use... WOW!In one morning, Michelle took concepts that we have heard repeatedly over the years and outlined them in a way that was organized, concrete, and applicable, leaving every attendee fired up with creative energy and clear vision to bring take our businesses a quantum leap forward."

Yonason Goldson

The Ethics Ninja
Programming Chair for NSA St. Louis


Michelle has a popular channel on YouTube where she shares some of her best strategies in depth. You can find 600+ videos here.
Below are a few favorites.

& Empowerment

The 5 fundamental practices for self-leadership. How to become more empowered, courageous, and self-actualized.

How To Build Yourself As A Brand

The Superstar Pyramid and how to take yourself from "commodity" to "celebrity" using specialization.

Sales As S.E.R.V.I.C.E.:

4 Mindset Shifts To Make Selling More Graceful & Easy

How to have sales conversations that build trust and long term relationships.

Audience Comments

"If you want to get ahead in your business or your career, people have to know who you are…. I can't say enough about what I've seen Michelle do to help people be in a position to be found, known and stand out."

Nell Merlino

Founder, Take Our Daughters To Work Day

"Typically I am thrilled if I can walk away from a seminar with 1 key piece of information that I didn't know before. Michelle's Seminar had me captivated for 2 hours. I'm telling you that minute after minute I was learning vital information that was practical, useful, powerful and relevant.”

Todd Narson, DC

Miami Beach Family & Sports Chiropractic

"This event was career-changing for me. I have always focused on our product more than my years of expertise as a posture specialist. After this event I realized the value in my unique experience and how to maximize and monetize it… [One year later,] by applying Michelle's signature process our sales and my personal value have doubled!"

Marina Prospero

Founder/Co-Owner, www.ergoofficesupport.com

Resources for Meeting Professionals & Bureaus

Need headshots? A Bio? Descriptions of the program? Look no further!

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Speaker "One-Sheet"
& 3 Topics Overview

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Michelle's Bio

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