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Superstar Inner Circle

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The Inner Circle is a collective of high-caliber purpose-driven entrepreneurs committed to leading movements that make an impact on this planet, and the vehicle for that impact is their business or organization. This is a year-long program that supports you via community, culture, curriculum, content and coaching to drive sustainability, scalability, revenues, profits, and lifestyle. You are ready for a business that fills your bank account, feeds your heart and fulfills your soul.

Build Your Brand, Business & Movement With Us  

The first step to growing a sustainable Superstar Business is to clarify what you’re best at and what you’re most passionate about doing, and reorient your business model so that you’re using your gifts and strengths to their fullest and can monetize your MAGIC (rather than your time). From there you’ll refine your compelling “Superstar Brand” and focus on your model and monetizing your magic.



Once you’ve got a compelling brand that is aligned with your true identity, now it’s time to put that brand out there, AKA: market and promote yourself as a thought leader to get speaking engagements, media and open all kinds of other doors and opportunities. This is where you get to get creative and have some FUN!






If it is to be, it is up to WE. We are passionate, purpose-driven, and committed to leaving a powerful legacy. With our strong foundation, we can leverage, scale and make a bigger impact.


An attractive, authentic brand and influence are not enough: MONEY drives MOVEMENTS. We’ll help you monetize in new ways, using new models and revenue streams, with integrity, grace and ease, so you can grow and scale your movement!


What Inner Circle Clients Say

“1 year ago I felt like I had a 24/7 ‘job' and though work was fulfilling, it was frustrating to have a great service without the right platform or the revenues to grow. Now I’ve positioned myself as the leader of a movement for peace in the divorce industry, which is more rewarding, and we restructured our offerings. Revenues are up about $80,000 – and growing every month.”

Helen Stein Divorce Without War

“Once I joined the Inner Circle, my life went into full transformation. The learning I’ve received has helped my business become more effective, efficient and aligned with my core values. I also have Crew in my organization so I can focus on speaking more, which is helping to fuel my business (and I love it). Today I stand here proud of the 35% growth of my 7-figure business in 2015!”

Elizabeth Colón, Speaker & CEO of Metaphrasis Language & Cultural Solutions

“Before IC I was stuck and wondering how to exit... Now I have restructured our packages, made my biggest sale ever and am thinking BIGGER and stepping into abundance, I also love the strategic relationships and introductions that the Inner Circle provides, for example, I met and pitched to the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, through a connection of Michelle’s.”

Nancy Allen, Women’s Business Development Council of Florida


“I wanted to look at my business and see what I was missing and how I could help other people. Since joining the Inner Circle my business has expanded, I’m a better person, and my business is more fulfilling!”

Nate Woodbury CEO of Be The Hero Studios, Influence Expert & YouTube Platform Builder

“This group calls my soul forward and makes me feel like a totally different person. Now I play bigger in business, as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, and as a friend.”

Katie Gutierrez Co-Founder Errez Design, Creator of Biographical Design

“I’ve discovered a world of new opportunities. For the first time I’m following my passion. I’m a much happier person, and I believe in myself more now than ever!”

Marilyn Rousseau From Fear To Faith Coaching

A Peek Inside Performance Academy(An Inner Circle Exclusive Event)

“Before Inner Circle my business was limited and challenging because I didn't know much about marketing, crew, or really anything that makes me who I am in business today.Now my clients pay me twice as much as before, I’ve launched my new online program, and I have Crew, which is priceless.“

Arianne Traverso, Bizzy Yogi

“I never questioned my ability as a coach – my clients got great results, gave me fantastic reviews and loved our work – but I struggled with marketing and business development. Now I increased my fees, developed packages and speak at every opportunity. In the first quarter of 2016I booked more revenue than in all of 2015.“

Irene Turtle Turtle Executive Coaching

“I wanted to do something where I could make money and also help people, but didn't know how. So I joined Inner Circle and not only have I almost doubled revenues (to over $210,000,) but I’ve made emotional breakthroughs that I value even more... I am a 100% completely different person now, and recommend this program to any women entrepreneur, no matter how young you might be.”

Nathalie Delgado, Deals With Dignity

“Before Inner Circle I felt lost and overwhelmed. Now I know what my purpose is – it's not just about real estate, it's about empowering and supporting women in real estate – and it starts with my own agents. Financially,my firm is up about$2 million in sales from the same period last year.”

Tamara Williams Buy Homes, Not Shoes

“Michelle gave me a road map to brand myself, write my book, produce my events, land speaking engagements and monetize them. It has been amazing to watch the dream in my head for years come to life. Thank you Michelle.”

Ithamar Urdaneta International Speaker & Author of Casada, Próspera y Feliz

“When I started, I was trading time for money and not reaching the right audience. In 4 months since joining,I now have packages, better branding and switched my delivery model. As a result, my revenues are up andI am looking forward to at least a 50% increase this year!”

Pilar Ortiz Talent, Speaker, Communications Expert & Coach

“Before IC I was working for someone in a 9-5 job where I was on the computer all day. I felt like my soul was slowly dying. After 9 months in Inner Circle, I will have made more than in my job... and I’ve learned self love, authenticity, purpose, and faith in the process.”

Jessica AlvarezLifestyle International Realty

“The Inner Circle helped me believe in myself, my ideas and my vision. Everything became so simple and clear. I found my authentic self and now have a fantastic business that is flowing with grace and ease and is congruent with all areas of my life.”  

Patricia Ferreira, BossLady Coach & Founder, Beloved BossLady Success Circle

“The Inner Circle has changed my mindset about my business and my life. Not only do I have a better understanding of business strategy and implementation, but more importantly, my business is now aligned with who I really am and how I want to show up in the world!”

LeeAnn Webster Creator of Email with H.E.A.R.T.