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For Superstar Coaches, Consultants, Speakers & Expert Leaders

Lead Transformational Experiences and Conscious Communities for Income & Impact

Learn STEP by STEP how to DESIGN, FILL, & MONETIZE transformational small events, retreats, and masterminds for INCOME and IMPACT


For the very first time, this Superstar experience is available as a do-it-yourself course from home!

Discover how you can drive INCOME and generate IMPACT – while leading a life you LOVE!

(It’s a lot easier than you might think!)

This video is a recording from Michelle's virtual training where she walks you through the entire model, as well as how she discovered and developed it. If you're looking for a thorough overview of what this model is all about, and to get a sense if it's right for you, watch this 1-hour-long video.

Get ready, Superstar...

It’s called "Retreats to Riches" for a reason!

By “Riches” I’m not just talking about the financial kind. I’m talking about energy richness, richer client relationships, richer impact and contribution, and a richer, more fulfilling experience of your business, overall.  


Tired of the hustle, and trading time for money?

Ready for more grace, ease, and FLOW?

If you’re an expert entrepreneur – a speaker, author, consultant, coach or other “Superstar” – then chances are you've experienced the difficulties of selling your TIME for MONEY, and becoming TRAPPED by your own business – the same business you probably started so you could make more money, and have more freedom, right?

STOP hustling gigs, selling 1:1 services, and trading your precious time for money...

Say “ENOUGH of this” to delivering the same content day after day to client after client, year after year...

Get OFF the “revenues roller coaster" with its up and down income, month after month…

And learn how YOU can turn Retreats to Riches.

To have a stable, scalable, sustainable business you need
Monthly Recurring Revenues.

That's what this model is DESIGNED for.


The "Small Events, Big Back End" Secret

The problem with most coaching, consulting, speaking, and training business models is:

  • 1) They're time and effort driven, so you always need to sell more time to make more money
  • 2) They're based on short-term, project, or program-based sales, rather than long-term client relationships that drive monthly recurring revenues (MRR) for more than 1 year, or more.

When you do high-value small events events (AKA: "Retreats") that deliver massive breakthroughs in short time frames (3 days), you are perfectly set up to enroll clients into an ongoing group program – the "Big Back End" – that generates (time-leveraged) recurring revenues for the long haul.

Is it SUSTAINABLE? Yes. Is it SCALABLE? Yes! Is it ENJOYABLE? Yes! Yes! Yes!

See, in this model, it’s not the retreat that drives the BIG financial rewards, it’s what comes AFTER your retreat.

So while your retreat offers participants a BIG BREAKTHROUGH in a short time frame, true, lasting transformation takes time and mastery. That's the Big Back End.

Your Big Back End is what drives monthly recurring revenues and creates the foundation for a community or, even better, a CULTURE.

Michelle Villalobos

My Personal "Big Back End" Story

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 14 years, the first 7 of which I spent hustling, grinding, and selling time for money as a speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, and anything else I could get paid for.

Eventually the pace caught up with me, and I had a huge breakdown in 2014. Everything collapsed at once: my health, my personal relationship, and like the final domino, my business too.

It broke down because it required my constant focus and effort to stay alive. I had no monthly recurring revenues; one month I was up, the next I was down, and I also had no support (how could I pay an employee if I didn’t even know what I would make in a given month?)

When I took a break to "lick my wounds" and heal my body, heart, and mind from this hellish year, the whole business dried up. It simply couldn't withstand even a couple of months with my foot off the gas.

Seeking answers and a new direction, I found a mentor who showed me a better way.He invited me to attend a 3-day retreat in NYC. I charged the enrollment fee on my credit card and booked my travel. This was my "Hail Mary."

Keep reading to find out what happened at the retreat...

My business simply couldn't survive even a couple of months with my foot off the gas.

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What I Discovered At The Retreat...

The retreat itself was amazing – and simple. It consisted of little more than the facilitator asking powerful questions (retreats can be simple!) and giving us opportunities to journal and share.

Between the magical people who attended, and the facilitator's insightful coaching, I had an amazing breakthrough about my value, vision and mission. I saw my gifts in a new light and felt energized and excited to start something new.

On the 2nd day of the retreat, the leader invited us all to consider joining a year-long Mastermind together – for (what felt to me like) a LOT of money. To my surprise, 7 out of 10 people enrolled – 8 if you count me!

This was the most I’d EVER invested in any program or personal development, except for my MBA 10 years earlier.

From this experience, I realized the model (3-day retreat → 1 year Mastermind) was BRILLIANT, and thought "maybe I can do this too!"

In other words, my BreakDOWN
turned into a BreakTHROUGH...