In the first week after learning [Michelle's sales strategy]... I closed my first deal ever, a $7,500 monthly retainer for a year. Within 3 months, I'd landed 4 more clients."

Sol Picon, Picon & Co.

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The clear framework [that Michelle's team gave me] offered me a tool to get into a fantastic mindset -- one in which I now actually look forward to [sales] calls. This process has made sales both more effective and more enjoyable."

Lelia Gowland, Career Fulfillment Expert, Creator of the Career Fulfillment Retreat, & Writer, (quote as published on

The Small Events, Big Back End model can bring you grace, ease and flow.Join Michelle for this FREE Training to learn how it's done!

I was a successful real estate entrepreneur looking to break into the speaking industry. I wanted to help people with my message, but I didn't want a lifestyle where I was living on planes and in hotels. I learned the retreat model from Michelle, and my first 'ManCamp' generated over $25,000 in revenues. I now have 6 under my belt, and I love what I'm doing, and the impact I'm making. I discovered my life's work."

ALBERT PELLISSIERCreator of Man Up: Fulfillment Beyond Achievement

If delivering transformational events sounds like your jam... Join me to discover how to make them enjoyable, successful and profitable!

  • #1 – Discover a graceful framework to drive long-term recurring revenues...

  • #2 –Understand the 3 keys to a stable, sustainable business model that drives income and impact...

  • #3 – Learn to jumpstart long-term client relationships with intimate live and/or virtual events...

Hi, I'm Michelle Villalobos

I discovered the Small Events, Big Back End model 6 years ago, during a particularly challenging time in my consulting, coaching, and speaking business. I'd spent over 7 years in constant hustle –hustling to LAND clients, and then hustling to DELIVER to those clients, mostly 1 on 1.

In 2014, everything came crashing down when my personal life took a nosedive, and my business followed suit. I realized that my business wasn't REALLY a business, it was a JOB – a job I couldn't quit (if I wanted to eat, that is).

At the time, I was constantly working and forever stressed out because ‍‍I had no consistent recurring revenues. I was always looking for the next "gig." I also had a deep-rooted belief that 1-on-1 was the most valuable service I could provide. That belief kept me and my business small.

In September 2014, I attended a life-changing 3-day retreat and realized "I want to do that too!" I created my first retreat 45 days later. I made $25,000 – and had FUN for the first time in YEARS.

The following year, I did several more retreats, and within 14 months of starting, my business generated over $1,000,000 in revenues for the first time ever.

The surprising thing was that the revenues didn't come primarily from the retreats, they came from the membership mastermind after the retreats. To this day I still have my very first client who enrolled in that program! She's in her 6th year.

Not only was it financially lucrative, but more importantly, I love it! I enjoy going deep with people, and I love the intensity of 3 days straight.... and then rest. Also, doing retreats taught me that there is MAGIC in a group format that I could NEVER have delivered on my own.

After 6 years adjusting, improving, tweaking, making mistakes and learning how to market, fill and deliver retreats more effectively – both in person and now ONLINE – I'm now sharing what I've learned with you!

Join me for my FREE Live Training, I GUARANTEE you'll love it :)

Michelle has developed an impressive and simple business model that any expert can use to up-level their brand and add new leveraged recurring revenue streams to their back end."

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Founder, C-Suite Network, global business celebrity, primetime TV and podcast host, bestselling author & former CMO of Kodak

Before working with Michelle I was doing the traditional 1 on 1 coaching and was looking for ways to increase my impact and avoid burning out.   I saw retreats as something only coaches with a big following or email list could pull off. I came into the program with a “lets see”  mentality.... and then generated $32,000 in revenues at my first retreat! Now I’m about to kick off my 3rd since starting and am well on track to hit 6 figures -- in my first year of solo business."

Patricia FerreiraDivine Boss Lady & Founder of Beloved BossLady Success Circle

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How To Design & Deliver Life-Changing Live & Virtual Events for Purpose & Profit


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